The Catholic Research Economists Discussion Organization (CREDO) is an international society of hundreds of research economists who are interested in the conversation between the Catholic faith and economic research as it applies to the economy, the Church, and broader society.


The five-fold goals of CREDO are:

  1. To foster a community of Catholic scholars interested in this conversation
  2. To promote the dissemination of economic knowledge and findings into the public discourse of the broader segments of the Church leadership and laity
  3. To foster awareness and reflection on the principles of Catholic social thought and their relationship to the normative evaluation of the economy
  4. To help mentor young Catholic research economists or others interested in these areas
  5. To act as an available resource for competent, non-ideological, non-partisan economic expertise for Church leaders and organizations engaged in social and economic issues


Through our current activities, CREDO pursues these goals in several ways.

  • We play a leadership role in conferences, sponsored regularly by the Lumen Christi Institute, that bring together Church leadership, leading research economists, and other relevant scholars to discuss a wide variety of topics.
  • We annually sponsor a Mass with the local bishop and a breakfast afterward at the ASSA meetings.
  • We also have a regular newsletter with contributions from economists, Church leaders, and other relevant thinkers.
  • Finally, we nominate and elect an Advisory Panel, a resource of economists with expertise in frontier research whose names are publicly available for Church leaders and institutions needing advice on matters related to economic research or economic policy.