Advisory Panel

What is the Advisory Panel? 
The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to serve as resource of economists with expertise in frontier research whose names are publicly available for Church leaders, institutions, and members of the media needing advice or information on matters related to economic research or economic policy.  All members of the the Advisory Panel have Ph.D.’s in economics or related fields (e.g., finance, business economics).  Panel membership is through a nomination and vetting process, as explained here.

Using the Advisory Panel as a Resource
Although the Panel hopes to be unbiased in the sense of not representing any particular partisan or ideological viewpoint, the economists on the panel hold a wide range of expertise and opinions.  Economists tend to be highly specialized.  Moreover, there are topics within the field of economics where there is wide agreement, and others where there is little agreement. In order to be best informed, we recommend canvassing the viewpoints of several Panel members on any important economic question, especially those whose expertise is most relevant to the question. Most, though not all, of the Advisors are practicing Catholics, but not all are well-versed in Catholic social thought.  The names, contact information, and fields of expertise are listed below.

Name Affiliation Expertise
Albuqurque, Rui Boston College Finance
Arcidiacono, Peter Duke University Labor economics, applied econometrics
Aradillas-Lopez, Andres Pennsylvania State University Econometrics, applied game theory
Barrett, Christopher B. Cornell University Development economics, agricultural economics
Baumeister, Christiane University of Notre Dame Empirical macroeconomics, monetary economics, energy economics
Beauchamp, Andrew Wright State University Applied microeconomics, labor, economics of the family
Bils, Mark University of Rochester Macroeconomics, business cycles, employment, unemployment
Borjas, George Harvard University Labor, immigration
Brennan, Michael UCLA – Andersen School of Business Finance
Buera, Francisco J. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Macroeconomics, growth and development, financial frictions and structural change
Burkhauser, Richard V. Cornell University and University of Melbourne Labor, social security, income inequality, disability policy, retirement policy, minimum wage
Cabral, Luis New York University Industrial organization, antitrust
Carneiro, Pedro University College of London Labor Economics, public sector economics, economics of education
Clementi, Gianluca New York University Macroeconomics, financial economics
Cremers, Martijn University of Notre Dame Finance, investments, corporate finance, corporate governance
Crowley, Meredith A. University of Cambridge International Trade
Cuberes, David University of Sheffield Economic growth and development, urban economics
Cunha, Flávio Rice University Human capital formation, early childhood development
Do, Quy-Toan World Bank Poverty and inequality
Doran, Kirk B. University of Notre Dame Labor economics, scientific workforce, STEM policy, migration
Dwyer, Gerald P. Clemson University and University of Carlos III, Madrid Monetary and financial economics, economics of financial crises
Evans, William J. University of Notre Dame Labor economics, health economics
Faberman, Jason Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Labor, macroeconomics, urban economics
Fernandez-Villaverde, Jesus University of Pennsylvania Macroeconomics, econometrics, economic History
Ferreyra, Maria Marta World Bank Economics of education
Fieler, A. Cecilia University of Pennsylvania International trade and development
French, Eric University College of London Labor economics
Fuerst, Timothy S. University of Notre Dame Macroeconomics, monetary economics, central banking
Gallego, Francisco A. Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Development economics
Gerardi, Dino Collegio Carlo Alberto Game theory
Gete, Pedro Georgetown University Macroeconomics, international economics, finance
Giolito, Eugenio Pedro Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile Labor, demography
Gundersen, Craig University of Illinois Food insecurity, food assistance programs
Hale, Galina Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco International, banking
Heim, Bradley Indiana University Public finance, labor, and health
Hernandez-Murillo, Ruben Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Public, regional
Hirschfeld, Mary Villanova University Catholic social teaching, theology/philosophy, Thomistic economics
Holmes, Thomas J. University of Minnesota and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Industrial organization, urban and regional economics, location choice of firms
Hotz, V. Joseph Duke University Labor Economics, population economics, applied econometrics, evaluation of impact of social programs
Huang, Roger University of Notre Dame Finance, international financial management and financial market microstructure
Hubbard, William University of Chicago, Law School Law and economics, human capital
James, Harold Princeton University Economic and financial history, Germany
Kaboski, Joseph P. University of Notre Dame Growth, development, international, Catholic social teaching
Korinek, Anton Johns Hopkins University International finance and macroeconomics, financial crises, inequality
Lafortune, Jeanne Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Labor economics, family economics
Larrain, Borja Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Finance
Larrain, Mauricio Columbia University Finance, macroeconomics, development
Lipinska, Anna Federal Reserve Board of Governors International Macro, Monetary Policy
Lothian, James Fordham University Money, international finance, development
Malmendier, Ulrike University of California, Berkeley IFinance, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance, Applied Micro
Mark, Nelson University of Notre Dame International economics, Chinese economy
McMahon, Michael University of Warwick Monetary policy, fiscal policy, inventories, applied econometrics
McNelis, Paul, S.J. Fordham University Development, macroeconomics, econometrics
Mulligan, Casey University of Chicago Macroeconomics, labor
Murphy, Daniel University of Virginia, Darden International economics
Nechyba, Thomas J. Duke University Public finance, economics of education, fiscal federalism
Nicolini, Juan Pablo Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and Universidad Torcuato di Tella Monetary and fiscal policy, macroeconomics, evaluation of social programs
O’Hara, Maureen Cornell University Finance
Pennacchi, George G. University of Illinois Financial institutions and markets
Perez-Gonzalez, Francisco ITAM Corporate finance, organizational economics and public economics
Pflum, Kevin University of Alabama Industrial organization
Pham, Van H. Baylor University Development, international trade, applied theory, applied microeconomics
Phelan, Christopher University of Minnesota and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Macroeconomic theory
Pries, Michael J. University of Notre Dame Labor market reform (unemployment, minimum wages, etc.), pension and social security reform
Ramey, Valerie University of California – San Diego Macroeconomics (effects of government spending, empirical tests of business cycle models); Time Use (home production, time spent on children, time spent on education); Wage inequality;  Economic History (20th century macroeconomic history)
Reis, Ricardo Columbia University Macroeconomics, monetary policy, business cycles, the Euro crisis
Sanches, Daniel Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Monetary economics, financial economics
Sánchez, José Miguel Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Applied microeconomics
Sims, Eric University of Notre Dame Macroeconomics
Sullivan, James University of Notre Dame Labor economics, poverty measurement, program evaluation
Syverson, Chad University of Chicago Industrial organization (firm structure, market structure, and productivity)
Tamura, Robert Clemson University Economic growth, fertility, human capital
Teles, Pedro Banco de Portugal, Catolica-Lisbon SBE and CEPR Monetary policy, currency unions
Tessada, José Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile Finance (development finance and household finance), labor economics (migration), inter- national finance
Townsend, Robert M. MIT Development economics, banking and finance, economic theory
Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn New York University, Stern Housing, finance, macroeconomics
Veracierto, Marcelo Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Macroeconomics, labor
Verbrugge, Randal Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Macroeconomics, time series, housing
Yuengert, Andrew Pepperdine University Catholic social teaching, immigration