Our logo represents the integration of religious truth (the cross) and economic truths (i.e., the upward sloping supply and downward sloping demand.)  The logo therefore embodies the mission of the society, a recognition that all truth has God as it source.  The dashed line emphasizes the quantitative, technical nature of economics as a social science.  The supply and demand curves appear as waves, remind us of the waters of baptism.  Their intersection at the cross together with the colors of the logo are somehow reminiscent of the image of Divine Mercy, itself a symbol for the blood and water that spilled from the side of Christ on the Cross.  The word CREDO is, of course, not only the acronym of the organizational name but also the Latin word for “I believe” and the first word in the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds.
The logo was designed by Kevin Fye.